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10 Signs it is Time to Move On

Written by Steven-Aitchison

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.”

― Nicole Sobon

Moving on is one of those things that is much easier said than done. Most of us grow deep roots with the people, things and places that make up everyday life, so it can be hard to withdraw the roots and leave.  Just like when one pulls up a weed from a garden, sometimes you just need to take a firm and strong pull then rip out the roots all at once.

Once an individuals determines they are willing to make that firm tug, it becomes easy to move onto bigger and better things. Making the decision to rip out the roots is the hardest part of this process! Here are 10 signs it is time to think about transplanting your roots to a different place in life.

1. When you aren’t Feeling Challenged

It is easy to plateau off at a comfortable place where you aren’t making any improvements in your personal or professional life. If everything seems to be just a little bit too easy, it is time to seek out a different challenge.

2. You Get that Gut Feeling

Human instinct is a powerful thing. Often deep down we’ll know it is time to move on before we may be ready to intellectually accept it. Sometimes it pays off to trust that gut feeling, because eventually it’ll grow strong enough that you won’t be able to resist it anyway.

3. An Opportunity is Available

Turning down opportunities for growth is often a huge mistake. If you get the chance to make a change that will improve things for the better, take it. Then perhaps assess the things that were holding you back in the first place.

4. People are the Only Thing Holding You Back

As social creatures, people do hold a significant place in our life. However, often the key to success is building your life around dreams, not people. There are exceptions to this rule of course, especially when it comes to your children, but otherwise, sometimes we have to cut ties in order to achieve success.

5. When the Only Reason you are Holding on is Fear of Letting Go

Never, ever let fear determine what course that you take. End of story.

6. When you are Waiting for Change

Holding onto hope for change is a common problem people encounter. The important thing to remember is that you can only control yourself. If you are waiting around for someone or something to change, don’t hold your breath.

7. If Negative Emotions are Present more than Positive Ones

Life can hard. Sometimes everyone experiences negative bouts of emotions; however, when the bad feelings start to outweigh the good ones, it is definitely time for a change. There is enough joy in this life, especially if you have electricity and the internet, to not be caught in an endless cycle of  negativity.

8. When Life Becomes a Chore

Life is filled with duties, but when these duties begin to grind against your will to live, consider making a change. Whether it is a change in attitude about the daily grind, or it is actually a change in your life is up to you to determine that..

9. It No Longer Serves You

Letting go of things that no longer serve your journey towards being the person you want to be is extremely important, especially when those things are not just neutral, but actually detrimental to your desired growth.

10. When You Don’t Feel Passionate

You may not always feel passionate about everything in life, but there should be at least a little trickle of passion that comes through regularly. Feeling enthused and excited about what you are doing in life is a sign that you are on the right course. Think about if you are going in the right direction when it comes to your goals and ideals, if not find out how you need to alter things to work towards re-igniting your fervor for life.



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  • I have recently left a two year relationship and this lesson helped me to know that I did the right thing to move forward and upward. Thank you. My shrink didnt have near the insight that this site did. Thank you.

  • I just got out from a 5yr relationship, 10yrs of friendship, and a year of employment. Now I’m rearranging my life, planning the next course to take, and building my dreams.

  • Thank you. I finally chose recently to finally let go of a 6 year relationship, where he walked out 1 month before the wedding, without me having a clue. I held on as hard as I could, for dear life. We had been through so much together and overcome every obstacle threw at us. I thought there was nothing left, until this one. Me choosing to let go was what you said not to the pain of trying to hold on, hold my house together, hold my life together, hold me together that pain was greater then the fear. I am not back financially yet. But see hope now, and I can see a sun beam, my clouds are moving now, I had to start trusting I knew I did, even thought I am no where near ready to trust in a relationship, I had to trust me again. And until I read this I had never even have thought

  • I just found out an hour ago that I lost my job. All of these signs were there and I chose to ignore them so I could collect my salary and cruise along as I transitioned on to my next career.

    I don’t see this as a negative. There have been some major shifts in my life lately and the universe created a situation that has forced me to take a very scary leap towards a new career path. I’m not cursing my former company, I have already thanked them for allowing me to pursue my dreams.

  • i let go firstly of a well paid job because it no longer made me happy and then i had to finish my 10 year relationship with the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with.
    I am rebuilding myself – friends are gradually coming back to me -.I am happier – I am getting compliments regarding the work I am doing in my temp role and today I was complimented 3 times on my dress (which I love wearing). I’m happy and I’m relaxed within myself now – good luck everybody be strong – YOU can survive x

  • I would like to know how many of yall that moved on. If any. How many of you are Christians. Or how many believe in God? Jesus forgave you of your sins you must forgive others in order to be forgiven in the eyes of God. Or history will repeat itself over and over

  • selfishness.. what about commitments, responsibility, faith, and a work ethic to improve yourself and your environment not just “let go” when it no longer makes you happy, 1 big fact the world is not hear to make you happy, and dysfunction is a 2 way street, everyone has to give 110%

    sounds like quitters and flakes to me

  • Tracy?

    Yes, a Christian, myself.

    1) Jesus narrowed the 10 Commandments into 2:
    A) Love God with all your mind, heart and soul AND:
    B) Love your neighbor as yourself (not more, not less).

    2) I’ve not found the word ‘must’ in the Bible.

    Two thoughts that immediately came to mind……

  • I am in a decision mode right now and this helped a great deal.
    I’m married 7 years now but don’t have any joy or passion for (or with) my husband.
    We are hardly together because he works across the country.
    I am a social person and he isn’t. I love to dance and he doesn’t, if we have sex it is instigated by me or it just doesn’t happen.
    He’s kind and giving and thoughtful and financially sound. I’ve had to struggle most of my life for money and this is the first time I feel financially secure.
    But, as my Mother said years ago “Money won’t buy happiness”. Lately that Montra has been playing in my head….
    So, Thank You!
    I really needed this and how uncanny that it came to me on the same day that my horoscope was telling me to move on and not pass up an opportunity for change…

  • I just left a 10 yr abusive relationship but i can’t seem to let go. I have dreams that I’m still hugging this man and I know I can no longer be with him. He has caused so much damage in my life and my children’s lives. Why do I keep holding on?

  • Desapointment, sadness, unhappyness….Depression…doing a job that dosen´t make me happy no longer, i have to let it go…with no more work prespectives, it sacary, i am a single mom… i live in Austria, they are hard people to connect to…hope i end up well!!! wish me luck!!!

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